Trinity McQueen

Leeds-based insight consultancy wins more clients after acquiring two new companies to expand its business offer.


With support from Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Leeds-based insight consultancy, Trinity McQueen wins more clients after acquiring two new companies to expand its business offering.

Trinity McQueen is a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) providing insight consultancy services to a range of major retailers, including Asda and Nike. After reaching out to Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) for support with their growth strategy, the consultancy acquired Alto MR and The Blinc Partnership, to provide clients with new and innovative solutions. The new acquisitions have led to new contracts with John Lewis and Talk Talk, and new sustainability projects with Asda.

Key achievements for Trinity McQueen include:

  • The creation of over 20 new high skilled jobs

  • A complete portfolio of in-house services through the two major acquisitions

  • Winning over ten new client projects since the start of COVID-19 pandemic


Trinity McQueen is a £6 million turnover and award-winning insight consultancy based in the Leeds City Centre. Born out of a brand and communication agency, the company works with a range of retailers, including Asda, Nike, Royal Mail and John West, to gather customer insights, enabling clients to make informed decisions on customer experiences, product testing and market trends.

The forward-thinking consultancy wanted to grow the business and had identified the acquisition approach as the best way to achieve growth. Innovation drives the intelligence market - if they could expand their offering to provide new innovative services and solutions, they would attract new clients and upsell to existing ones. 

Needing support with their growth strategy, Robin Horsfield, Joint Managing Director at Trinity McQueen, was introduced to the LEP by a close friend. Through the LEP, the consultancy received support through the Investment Readiness Programme delivered by Winning Pitch.

Support included:

  • Leadership Group networking opportunities with like-minded business owners, allowing Robin to discuss his challenges and plans for the future with others and learn from those with similar aspirations and experiences

  • One-to-one account management from Steve Bolton at Winning Pitch, to access the tools, techniques and creative thinking that would drive Trinity McQueen’s high growth strategy.


Since receiving support from the LEP and Winning Pitch, Trinity McQueen has made two significant investment acquisitions to complement their existing services and provide new solutions. Firstly, they acquired Alto MR, a Consumer Product Testing Agency, to provide their clients with better insights on potential new products and services before being released to the market. Secondly, they acquired The Blinc Partnership to support developing a testing technology platform and provide more innovative ways of doing business.

The acquisitions created over 25 high-valued positions and won new sustainability projects with Asda, a long-standing customer, and new contracts with John Lewis and Talk Talk.

Robin Horsfield, Joint Managing Director, said:

“Being part of the programmes has been and acts as a great support mechanism, as we develop and implemented our strategy, to create a leading agency here in the UK.”

Trinity McQueen is committed to achieving their growth aspirations and has remained resilient to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the business is confident about winning new contracts and clients, whilst doing a redesign of their office space to accommodate social distancing and also Zoom pods for virtual meetings.

They have set an £8 million target to achieve by 2022 and continue to develop innovative new products, upskill their team and explore new geographies overseas.